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Photo Shoots And Fun

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Sebastian learns how to pose for the camera.

When I originally had the idea for Savannah Vintage Tours the idea for the business featured, quite logically, around personal tours of Savannah via vintage car. In the early days I didn’t know that the car in question would be a lovely old Citroën, but I knew that whatever the car would be it would have to be iconic and photogenic. I knew from my years with Airbnb that what drives so many travelers today is not only the experience that they have while traveling, the new things they see and the friends they make along the way, but the impressive photos they take and post to their social media. After all, as charming as I may be, no one wants to book a tour just for a photo of my pretty blue eyes!

Embracing this idea, I always make it a point to make sure guests leave with photos of them with Sebastian in iconic settings and often bring along my Polaroid for a special vintage touch. And you can of course find me on Instagram at #savannahvintagetours

But while expanding our presence online I found that I was repeatedly being contacted by independent photographers and planners about using the car for photo shoots and events. I’m happy to say that Sebastian is now available for use in custom events and photo shoots and I’ve so far had a blast hosting shoots and am excited to book more.

Contact us directly for information on custom shoots and events since each one will be constructed and priced according to the needs of the shoot.


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