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Creating Savannah Vintage Tours

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Sharing My Love of Vintage Cars and Style with the World!

As mentioned in my previous entry I, like many people, spent 2020 searching for a way to reinvent myself in the wake of the ongoing world pandemic. I’d spent many years building and managing a successful business based around boutique Airbnbs, which a friend and I had begun in 2012, but had seen it decimated by the lock down of quarantine. Over those years I’d become disillusioned with the Airbnb business model and the pandemic was exactly the excuse I needed to move on to something new and more rewarding.

And along comes a Citroën named Sebastian!

Over the years of living in and managing Airbnbs I’d learned much about the type of tourists that are attracted to Savannah and the type of travelers I most enjoyed meeting. I fell in love with the constant stream of interesting and friendly people who come to the city to live a unique experience and get to know the local scene so I knew that I wanted to stay a part of that community, even if it might be in a new way. The lasting friendships that I'd built during that time insured that whatever direction I went, it would have to involve those travelers and prospective friends.

Quite famously one day that summer of 2020 I was chatting with a friend on the phone (I think I spoke more on the phone in 2020 than in the previous ten years combined!) and mentioned that I was trying to decide what to do with my life. She said, quite logically, “Well, what do you like to do?”

I responded, quite seriously, “Well, you know I really love to drive around Savannah in old cars.”

Knowing me well, I'm sure she nodded and said, “And what else do you like to do?”

Again, quite seriously I answered, “Well, I do just love to shoot the breeze with strangers.”

We both laughed out loud at the sheer obviousness of it all and in that instant the idea for Savannah Vintage Tours was born. Sebastian coming along in December and vaccines rolling out merely cemented the course I'd find myself on. But of course, there is more to what we do than just shooting the breeze and driving around in a vintage convertible! Each of the tours that I offer is specifically catered to the guest’s experience and needs and every one is unique, though they do all include my telling personal stories of Savannah and its strange and lovely history. I can't wait to start welcoming guests to Savannah in this new and intimate way.


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