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Sebastian is a 1985 Citroën 2CV Charleston which was originally sold in Belgium. An icon of French design and style he fits Savannah's streets and scenes perfectly and has been a happy member of the family since December 2020.


Daniel Richardson has been an Airbnb host for the better part of ten years and has welcomed tens of thousands of guests to Savannah. His favorite part of hosting has always been sharing his beautiful hometown and his love of eclectic vintage cars.


What a great experience this was! From the first communication with Daniel to the end of our amazing tour. He took us on a very detailed tour of the historical section of Savannah and lots of history and fun facts about the area and it's past residents and pulled over often for photo ops and to answer questions. Don't cheat yourself, this tour is a must!


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Planned this as a surprise for my boyfriends birthday and Daniel went above and beyond. He was so accommodating when helping me Plan the perfect pickup spot. Having a private tour of Savannah opened our eyes to so many hidden spots along with many recommendations of can’t miss spots. Highly recommend a tour with



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If you're interested in learning more about the history of the Citroen 2CV, here's a great place to start exploring its long and fascinating history:

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